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Sometimes we take photos that we want to share with only our loved ones, friends, or colleagues privately - photos taken at events such as:
- on weddings/christenings,
- private parties,
- private trips,
- private family events etc.

Not everyone likes to use platforms, such as Facebook, as some just don't have the time, or don't want to register or simply find it difficult to work with online software such as these.

We have created PrivateAlbums™ for those who falls into the above category.


1 - Simple to use
2 - No technical skills required
3 - Safe (password protected galleries)
4 - Does not use cookies
5 - Data is kept on UK servers securely
6 - Data is not shared with third parties
7 - Not connected to any other third party software with no advertising banners
8 - Does not collect personal data
9 - Real people support (Tel: 02070 965 030 | Email:
10 - The use of the BETA version is completely FREE.


1 - Send an email to:, telling us that you would like to set up a private album.
2 - We will respond in max. 24 hours and will send you a short step-by-step instruction how to upload your photos and create your password than the link that you can send to your family / friends or coleagues. That's all.
3 - If you don't understand something, just email or phone us and we will help you.


Yes. You upload your photos, you can also delete them. We do not keep photos/thumbnails etc. Servers are located in the UK and managed securely, that complies with all the UK regulations.
We are real people, with real registered business behind this project and respect other's privacy.


As albums are private, please contact us via email at so we can send you an example link and a demo password to an album that contains example photos.


We do not create backups of your photos, therefore once you've deleted we will not be able to recover them.


This service is available for UK residents only. You must be 18 years or over to use this service.

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